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Taylor Swift recovers Speak now, actually, in his new video for „I Can See You.” The song was one of the tracks „From the Vault” included on his newly re-recorded third studio album in 2010.

In the new scene, written and directed by Swift, Taylor Lautner and Joey King find themselves at a museum to rescue Swift from a vault where she’s stuck with her prize possessions. Speak now. Both navigate An impossible targetScenes like Presley Cash serving as their behind-the-scenes director of comms, complete with trick lasers and fight scenes against those who try to stop them from escaping with Swift Swift. The clever clip is surely a metaphor for his return of art from his former record label Big Machine, whose sales of master recordings prompted him to re-record his entire catalog. boyfriend.

Last night, July 7, he debuted the video at his show with three of its stars at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lautner and King, who Swift once dated, also had extra meaning Swift noted on Twitter.

“Okay. So. I’ve been counting for months and finally the video for 'I Can See You’ is out. I wrote this video therapy a year ago and I wanted to play it figuratively on how it felt for me to have fans help me recover my music. I put my heart into it @joeykingTaylor Lautner and @IAmPresleyCash Starred in it,” he wrote. „Joey and Presley were in the 'Fish’ video when they were 9 and 13 and they came back and were so ridiculously bad ass!!”

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She propped up Lautner’s stunts.


„Dayday was incredible in this (not a stunt double!) and shout out to Day Lautner for being so cool on set,” he added. „I’ve always wanted to do a fight/heist story with 3 Taylors and had an incredible time planning it with my amazing DP Jonathan Sela. So proud of it.”

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)It was recorded when he was 32 years old, so between December 2021 and 22, it included updated lyrics to „better than revenge”.

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