„Let’s remove barriers to investment and transform the economy in favor of the youth,” says President Tinubu

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In Abuja, President Bola Tinubu on Friday promised to roll out more reforms to boost efficiency and attract investments to the manufacturing and service sectors, saying the current economic „revolution” would deliberately capture and support the youth in the country.

„We have a responsibility to revolutionize the economy so that our youths can share in the country’s prosperity, otherwise we are waiting for dreams to be listed,” the President told MTN’s delegation led by Group Chairman Mcebisi Jonas. , in Rajya Sabha.

„Let us know if you have any problems or obstacles. We are ready to remove obstacles to investments in the economy,” the President noted, acknowledging the massive changes around the world driven by technology.

He said the growing rural-urban migration can only be curbed by greater investment in digital technology, which will directly improve health systems and education for the poor.

„I am glad that you are very keen and interested in technology from a corporate social responsibility point of view so that we can see how we can structurally partner,” the president said.

“You can do a lot for the economy by partnering with us. We believe that no one can succeed alone. The structural adjustment we are making is to ensure that we are facing the right direction and achieving our goal of catering to our people.

“You and I will ensure that people have a share in that prosperity. Together we will create a well-informed society. The trip should be reconsidered. I am happy that the stock market is responding positively to the structural changes,” he said.

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The MTN Group Chairman said the company plans to invest $3.5 billion dollars in the economy over the next five years, with a broader vision to become a pan-African company by moving investments away from the Middle East and focusing more on Africa, especially Nigeria. High return on investment.

Jonas congratulated the President for the increased interest in the country within a short period of time since his inauguration on May 29, 2023, pledging about $1.5 trillion in support to mobilize other investors towards a reform-engineered Nigeria. Promotes entrepreneurship and inclusive growth.

“The message you gave us is that Nigeria is investable and with your election, we see decisive, immediate and serious interest in structural reforms,” the MTN Group Chairman noted.

Group President/CEO of MTN, Ralph Mupita, President of MTN Nigeria, Ernest Ndukwe and Chief Executive Officer, Olutokun Karl Toriola were part of the meeting.

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