Tamaulipas needs more women in science and technology

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Tamaulipas needs more girls studying science and technology. The presence of women in STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is vital, they told the Tamaulipas Congress this week. Even as university classrooms see more and more female faces, labs, conferences, and leadership positions in science and technology still resonate with echoes of inequality.

For every ten scientists who understand the mysteries of the universe or other sciences, only three are women. This is the current reality in Mexico and, indeed, in many parts of the world. The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) reveals that only three out of ten STEM professionals are women, a mirror of the global gap that limits our collective potential.

The story of this gap is not told in numbers alone. It is reflected in unheard voices, unshared opinions, and unreached solutions. In Tamaulipas, an initiative has been proposed that not only seeks to balance the numbers, but also weaves a support network that embraces and elevates women in the world of STEM. This is a call to action for our girls who dream of stars and equations to see a clear path to making those dreams come true.

But how to close this gap? The key is to create mentoring programs that connect young women with women who are already charting their path in these fields. Imagine scholarships that not only help pay tuition, but also say to young women: „We believe in you, in your mind, in your potential.” What if we worked to eliminate the stereotypes that tell girls from an early age that certain sciences are “for boys”?

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The data presents us with a challenge, but also an enormous opportunity. If women in STEM careers need to increase by 71% to reach parity with men, we have fertile ground to plant the seeds of change. The evidence is clear: When women advance, society as a whole benefits. States that manage to close this gap see not only higher productivity but better working conditions.

The Tamaulipas initiative is a step forward, but each of us has a role to play in this mission.

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