Special tasks in urban services require high-tech vehicles

Range of trucks URO K-618 t GVW and reduced width for urban MSW services, integrated The perfect solution for gathering in narrow streets and historic centerss, more than 100 units are in service.

Now the limit is fulfilled with a New single-step low cab, to improve access and provide optimal visibility Distinctive features include three seats and air conditioning, an Allison automatic transmission as standard and an overall width of 2.0 m and a GVW of 18 t. Its new integrated pneumatic suspension, adjustable in height, allows you to overcome obstacles on the ground or above, even while driving. The entire K-6 range is available with three engines: CNG, electric and diesel.

Forest fire trucks Forest.IS They are unique in Europe with 16 t GVW and independent suspension with wide travel on all four wheels, which allows them to roll on forest roads at high speeds and with greater safety than any other truck with hard axles.

Protect the Euro It is a new specialized vehicle, newly designed for transporting valuables. It is built around a self-supporting armor system of its own design and is unique in the European market for its high level of safety, high performance, durability and low maintenance.

UROVESA is The only national company with over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance vehicles Specialized all-terrain applications and tactical military capabilities. We are supported worldwide by more than 10,000 units operating across multiple missions in 30 countries.

UROVESA’s extensive experience is at the service of civil works of extreme difficulty and other specialized applications, with product lines with robust and proven technology to guarantee efficiency and profitability in its operations.

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