A tribute to 150 years of rugby heritage

In a momentous celebration of 150 years of rugby in New South Wales, the NSW Waratahs have unveiled the highly anticipated 2024 jerseys, brought to you by ISC.

The 2024 NSW Waratahs home and away jerseys are now available online and in the stadium store at Allianz Stadium. Get yours today

The release not only marks a new chapter in the team’s history, but also pays homage to the rich rugby tradition that has flourished in the heart of New South Wales since 1874. Jersey stands for unity, strength and traditions. It has shaped the game over the past century and a half.

The focal point of the 2024 NSW Waratahs jersey is its unique design concept. In a departure from recent tradition, the jersey introduces a white collar, a feature missing since the Waratahs wore it in 1990. This subtle and significant change aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the olden days while injecting a modern twist. White Collar represents not only the evolution of the game, but also the enduring spirit that has defined rugby in New South Wales.

The jersey sees the reintroduction of the original Cambridge Blue colour, inspired by the team’s jersey work of the late 1800s. As the team dons this timeless silhouette once again, fans are transported back to rugby’s roots in New South Wales, embracing the heritage that has shaped the character and identity of the Waratahs over the past century and a half.

Balancing innovation with tradition, the 2024 NSW Waratahs jersey seamlessly combines modern design elements with historical significance. This delicate balance reflects the group’s commitment to evolving with the times while respecting the heritage that preceded them. The combination of both the white collar and the original Cambridge Blue color serves as a visual representation of the team’s respect for its heritage and its anticipation for a promising future.

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Complementing the nostalgic home jersey will be a white jersey featuring the design of NSW Waratahs center Dylan Pietsch. Pietsch’s design weaves traditional Native artistry into the fabric, creating a visually stunning representation of the group’s commitment to including and acknowledging the original custodians of the land. The integration of First Nations design not only adds a vibrant and meaningful dimension to the Waratahs kit, but also fosters a deeper connection between the team, its fans and the diverse communities that contribute to the backdrop of bush to New South Wales. the beach This away jersey is more than just a uniform for away games; It is a powerful statement of unity, respect and recognition for First Nations people.

The 2024 NSW Waratahs jerseys stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of rugby in New South Wales and the bond of shared passion for rugby. With its innovative design, the re-introduction of the white collar, the revival of the original Cambridge blue and recognition for old, present and emerging seniors, the jerseys pay homage to 150 years of unity, strength and the unwavering spirit of rugby. On and off the field in New South Wales.

The 2024 NSW Waratahs home and away jerseys are now available online and in the stadium store at Allianz Stadium. Get yours today

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