South African Popular Music, History and Political Activism by Lear Phillips 33 1/3

In a new conversation with Kyle Meredith, Lear Phillips explores his newly published book, „South African Popular Music,” part of the esteemed „33 1/3 Series.” Known as „This Must Be The Kick” on the Consequence Podcast Network, the talented writer and podcast host takes listeners on a compelling journey through the intricate tapestry of South African music history.

Phillips shares his motivations behind writing the book and the story he wanted to tell. He highlights the significant role of the political landscape in shaping the trajectory of South African music and explores the poignant history behind „The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Phillips candidly shares his thoughts on the term „world music” and his nuanced view of its implications for the global music scene.

The conversation stretches back to Paul Simon’s „Graceland” era, exploring the nuances of this controversial period in music history. This conversation touches on the symbiotic relationship between Angelique Kidjo and Talking Heads.

Phillips also discusses Disney’s evolving approach to representation and cultural appreciation, revealing the impact of releases like „Black Panther” and the live-action „Lion King.” Throughout the conversation, Phillips’ passion for uncovering hidden stories in music history shines through, inviting listeners to delve deeper into South Africa’s rich and diverse musical landscape.

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