In a special moment, a NASA rover on Mars flies the Intelligent Mars Helicopter

In a special moment, a NASA rover on Mars has captured remarkable video footage of its helicopter flying and landing. Mars’ atmosphere is very thin, only about one percent of Earth’s, which makes it difficult to lift things up. However, NASA’s experimental helicopter, called Ingenuity, was able to lift off in these unusual conditions using its special rotor. The tiny robot with a four-foot wingspan, originally thought by NASA to fly only five times, has managed to fly more than 50 times.

The watchful eye of diligence

Recently, NASA’s large Persistence rover Filmed 54th flight of the helicopter in early August. There was a small problem during the flight Helicopter Come down soon, but NASA used this flight to check if its control system is still working well. It did.

The flight sequence was captured in detail

In the video, Intelligence At about 5 seconds into the video it begins its spinners at the very bottom. Then, in 15 seconds, the robot takes off, hovers about 16 feet above Mars and gently lands again.

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Searching for traces of ancient life

Perseverance, the rover, took this clear video from 180 feet away. Perseverance is exploring the rocks and soil on Mars along with its companion Ingenuity helicopter. They look for signs of life, such as special shapes or materials that suggest organisms existed in the past.

A big goal of the Mars mission is to learn about astrophysics, which is to find signs of ancient small life forms. NASA has explained that it is looking for materials that can only be made by living things. So far, there is no evidence that life existed on Mars, but simple life forms may exist in hidden caves or underground. Scientists also think that the oceans of other planets’ moons, such as Enceladus and Europa, may be more likely to harbor life further out in space than Mars.

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