Experience the art of mixology at St. Regis Bar Macau

St. Regis Bar Macao returns with another installment of The Art of Mixology Guest Shift Series. During this time, the hotel bar will host a variety of Taiwanese mixologists on four evenings to offer guests exclusive cocktails. In addition, live jazz performances are held every night to create an inviting atmosphere for guests to relax.

On February 21, the bar will invite Seven Yi, founder of Room by Le Keefe in Taipei, to shake up cocktails beyond the senses. The next day on February 22, Morris Chang from Taiwan Penicillin He pays homage to his homeland by crafting unique cocktails made from locally sourced and recycled ingredients. The next day, Mars Chang, founder of To Infinity and Beyond, and Nono Yu, co-founder of Tor Dāy, will wow guests with innovative cocktails using machines like rotary evaporators and centrifuges. Finally on February 24, Alan Cheng, co-founder of Drizzle by Fourplay, will present a range of eco-conscious works celebrating Taiwan's nature.

Find out more by visiting St. Regis Bar website Reserve your spots for guest changes by emailing The St. Regis Bar Macau [email protected].

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