SmackDown star may have secretly turned face and brought back his old name after 650+ days, legend admits (EXCLUSIVE)

WWE delivered another action-packed episode of SmackDown that featured several big moments.

One of those moments was when Butch seemingly turned away Smack talkPhil Apter discusses the superstar's future.

Butch faced Dragon Lee in a losing bid for the NXT North American Championship, and following the match, the two competitors shook hands as a sign of respect.

Bill Apter noted that the handshake may have indirectly confirmed that Butch could be a babyface moving forward on SmackDown.

„The handshake brings you to that possibility. The handshake brings you, maybe, he's going to be a fan favorite,” Apter said on Smack Talk. [From 26:34 to 26:46]

Watch the full video below:


As Butch changed his character, the possibility of him returning to the „Pete Dunne” moniker was also brought up. Smack talk.

While Apter, SP3 and Rick Ucchino all agree that the Dunne moniker could return after 2022, Bill sees nothing wrong with „Butch.”

Twotrap's return to his Piper Niven moniker was also briefly mentioned, and Bill Apter explained that Butch's case on SmackDown was a completely different situation.

Opter felt that Twodrop was not an acceptable name and should be changed. Although he wasn't opposed to The Brawling Broods member Pete Tanner re-adopting the name, Bill Apter personally had no problem sticking with Butch.

„Honestly, it's a different story with Piper Niven. They changed. I think in a lot of ways, TooDrop was not an acceptable name for her in the internet community. I think maybe people thought she was making fun of her weight, her type. The name, but with Butch, to me, leave it at that! Any name? No mistake.” [From 27:12 to 27:37]

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