Rahul Gandhi said that economy is growing but wealth is not distributed

The economy is growing, but wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and unemployment persists, Congress president Rahul Gandhi told students at Harvard University.

The former Congress leader shared a video of the December 15 conversation at X on December 23 and added, „My advice to all students – real power comes from connecting with people, listening deeply and being kind. Yourself.”

Asked about the economic growth during the last 10 years during the meeting, he said, „When talking about economic growth, you have to ask the question whose interest is economic growth.”

„The question that needs to be asked is what is the nature of that growth and who is benefiting from it. Next to the number of India's growth, there is the number of unemployment in India. So India is growing, but the way it is growing is by mass accumulation of wealth among the few,” he said.

„We are working on a credit model, we are not manufacturing anymore. The real challenge in India is how to set up a manufacturing economy that can employ a large number of people. We have two or three industries. Almost whole businesses,” he said.

„We have Mr. Adani, everyone knows he is directly connected to the Prime Minister, he owns our ports, airports, all our infrastructure! With that kind of concentration, you get growth, but you don't get any distribution,” he said. .

Asked why it was not converted into an election outcome or a mass mobilization, Gandhi said there was a massive mobilization but „infrastructure to fight elections” was needed.

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„… you need a fair media, a fair legal system, a fair election commission, access to finance, neutral institutions. Imagine an America where the IRS, the FBI, their full time job is ruining the lives of the opposition. So we This is the paradigm that exists. I didn't walk 4,000 km because I wanted to walk 4,000 km. I walked 4,000 km because there was no other way to get our message across,” he remarked about his Bharat Jodo Yatra.

„Even my social media has been completely shut down. I have been shadow banned 24/7… My Twitter is under control, my YouTube is under control, I am not alone, the entire opposition…. I am not. I think India is running a free and fair democracy anymore. …,” he said.

He said caste was a real problem in the country and compared it to apartheid.

The Congress leader also accused the BJP-led central government of treating India as a nation with „one ideology, one religion, one language” rather than a union of states.

„So they are killing negotiations, trying to take over companies. So that is the political battle in India right now,” he said.

„If you end negotiations in India, the dialogue between Union India collapses, India itself is fragmented, so we can see Manipur burning, we can see Jammu and Kashmir burning, Tamil Nadu has a problem…,” he said.

He said a „full-scale civil war” was going on in Manipur.

Responding to a question on India's relations with Russia, he said, „A firm Russo-Chinese alliance is a real problem for the US. We have traditionally had relations with Russia. Being an ally or a partner of the US does not mean that the US… will not talk to anyone else.”

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When asked about his experience of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said, „I realized that the so-called politician in the West and in India is basically dead. It's kind of collapsed on itself.”

„…a big part of why the politician is dead is that he doesn't listen anymore. The politician has gone into a zone where he wants to please at all costs,” he added.

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