Silicon Valley arts programs add millions to the economy

Technology may be king in Silicon Valley, but let’s not discount the economic impact of arts and culture in the region, which brings millions of dollars to Santa Clara County.

The Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 study found that Santa Clara County’s nonprofit arts and culture sector could generate $384.5 million in economic activity by 2022, including $292 million in San Jose. Countywide, the arts supported 5,916 jobs, provided residents with $243.2 million in personal income and generated $63.9 million in government tax revenue. The research was done by Americans for the Arts in collaboration with the San Jose Office of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs and SVCREATES.

Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg said the arts contribute to the well-being of residents and impact the county’s prosperity and future generations.

„Art not only fills our souls, but also strengthens our economy,” he said. „Art is serious business.”

Randy Cohen, vice president of research for Americans for the Arts, said the arts enrich communities socially and economically. Nationally, 86% of those surveyed by the study said the arts improve quality of life and create more livable communities.

“Art and culture beautify our cities and towns. It makes residents happy. It creates places where we want to live and work,” he told the San Jose Spotlight. „(It) helps drive tourism and they’re a job sector. Arts organizations spend money in the community. They buy goods and services from other businesses.

Randy Cohen, vice president of research for Americans for the Arts, said the arts enrich communities socially, culturally and economically. Photo by Lorraine Gabbert.

Cohen said some businesses generate related expenses that the arts do, including hospitality costs. An additional $218.2 million comes to the district through event-related spending by individuals attending nonprofit arts and culture events, he said.

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„You can see the pulling power that the arts have,” he told the San Jose Spotlight, „those people spend money in local businesses. If you’re a business owner, you want a vibrant arts and culture sector. A community that cares about strengthening the communities you can live in and your economy. Being a leader makes you feel good about investing in arts and culture.

In San Jose, the arts contributed $173.4 million in personal income to residents and $46.4 million in tax revenue, including $6 million in local taxes, the study said. Arts organizations and visitors combined created 4,738 jobs in San Jose. Last year, event-related spending by visitors brought $192 million to the city.

86% of survey respondents said arts and culture in San Jose contribute to community pride. An overwhelming 85% said they would feel a loss if the activity or location was not available.

San Jose Director of Cultural Affairs Kerry Adams Hoppner said the arts fuel community cohesion and community development.

„The arts bring people together, whether it’s a museum or an outdoor festival. There’s a huge benefit to arts education and lifelong learning for young people,” he told the San Jose Spotlight. „They help foster cross-cultural understanding, which is incredibly important in a diverse community like San Jose. „

The nonprofit arts and culture sector, including the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, contributes $292 million annually to the San Jose economy. Photo by Lorraine Gabbert.

Because many people still work from home or have hybrid work schedules, arts events add vibrancy to downtown, bringing it to life at night and on weekends, Adams Hoppner said. Arts activities have a huge ripple effect in terms of how they support the larger economy, he said, adding that investing in the arts attracts talent and industry and creates jobs.

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„It’s a key part of our creative economy and our greater economic prosperity,” he said. „It attracts people to a place and makes it unique. People want to work and live in a city with an interesting and great cultural life.

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