Semillero LomasLab technology will create new opportunities and improve the social value of the region

In the presence of the Education and Labor Ceremis of the Antofagasta Region, an agreement was signed to give life to the „Semillero LomasLab”, an initiative supported by public-private alliances aimed at strengthening technical-professional training and connections. Mining 4.0 is a youth career.

Born from a strategic alliance between the Los Arenals Polytechnic High School and companies in the region’s production chain, the main objective of the „Cemillero LomasLab” project is to sustainably develop and improve the skills of vocational technical education students. Antofagasta, Compañía Minera Lomas Bayas, led by Glencore.

LomasLab is a concept born in 2022 with the aim of providing innovative technologies, methods and models so that they can be used safely and efficiently at other Glencore sites around the world. As part of this proposal, the „Semillero LomasLab” is a work method that integrates the needs of the mining industry by creating real and timely knowledge for young techno-professional students.

In this context, in the facilities of the Polytechnic High School of Los Arenals, the academic community, public and private sectors met and finalized the signing of a project Semilero Lomaslab contract by the Dos Barbas company and integrated specialist companies. The index is coordinated by Komatsu and ABB.

On this milestone and its social relevance, Th Seremi of Labor and Social Welfare, Camila Cortés, „We are very happy and proud to create public and private activities, especially in this particular case, opportunities are offered to the youth of our region, now they will have the possibility to acquire knowledge and skills to get closer to” Mining 4.0, and mining Better than the relevant information provided by the company itself and developed by our best operators based on training.”

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Likewise, the SEremi of Education, Alberto Santander„It is very important to ensure that the joint work between private companies, institutions, high school and a government affects the quality of life of many students in this region. Today at the Polytechnic High School. „This can create more skills and abilities for young people.”

In the same orderPablo Carvalho, General Manager of the Lomas Pius Mining Company, asserted that „this initiative oversteps the bounds of the general education program.” It is a firm commitment to the future of mining and its main actors: the students. Through strategic alliances, the program expands the educational horizons of Los Arenals Polytechnic High School students by providing them with technical tools, soft skills and real opportunities. The 'Semillero LomasLab’ is part of a new era in the mining industry, one that embraces innovation, social responsibility and sustainable development.

Additionally, Gary Munoz, principal of Los Arenals Polytechnic High School, He expressed, „It’s a dream that we’re actually confirming a little bit, and it’s undoubtedly a difficult and complicated beginning to raise it in public education. If we can do things, if we can improve them, this agreement that we have with the organization is very important, with all these organizations that are going to help us, a unified The program can be developed. Young people achieve better academic standards.”

Long term view

Under this collaborative and long-term model, representatives from various sectors of the industry seek to implement a system of operations in line with the sustainability requirements of Mining 4.0.

One of the innovative methods of this project is the establishment of a roundtable of expert companies, where representatives of important suppliers to the mining industry will contribute from their respective fronts to strengthen the training program for male and female students.

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As part of this proposal, they participated Laura Ulloa, Sustainability Manager for Komatsu Latin America, „Our sustainability strategy seeks to create shared value where we are, build alliances and work on joint growth. We appreciate the opportunity to show our experience, create value and contribute our grain of sand in a collaborative way.”

while, Víctor Ramírez, ABB Regional Account Manager„As a technical and strategic partner of Glencore and Lomas Bios, and in line with our values ​​and commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we are very proud and grateful to be a part of ABB’s laudable initiative. ’.The project aligns with our focus on areas where ABB can make a significant contribution with knowledge and experience, such as the Electromobility Laboratory. „We are excited and happy about this collaboration.”

By Dos Barbas, Rodrigo Reyes, Executive Director, stressed the importance of promoting such initiatives. „This public-private partnership is the first step to follow the LomasLab seed bed and have other training labs that strengthen public education. In that way, as Dos Barbas, we want to contribute to this process by providing these high school students with the best tools and skills,” he commented. .

In this way, the agreement signed, the technology proposed by Compañía Minera Lomas Bayas has a promising future full of new opportunities and social value.

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