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Join midlife mindset shifter, positivity rebel and style coach Lou Featherstone on The Self Love Revolution

Unleash your power and love yourself fiercely.
It's the podcast — and movement —
Instigates a revolution from within.

Available from Monday, April 8, 2024
A global original product

is initialized Monday, April 8, Le Featherstone (Sister Luinluland) – the irrepressible force behind Self love revolution — takes his self-loving rebellion into the podcast realm — including Global player – with a brand new weekly show.

Self love revolution The podcast will be an extension LuTheir life's work is empowering women to unleash their inner confidence, embrace their individuality and live happy lives on their own terms. From debunking menopause myths to refining personal style and learning to embrace loneliness, Lu He will address taboo subjects with honesty and humor along with guests like Davina McCall And Alexis (formerly Natalie) LeeTeacher feel me.

Dubbed the 'Positive Rebel', 'Growing Disgracefully' – LuThe story of her transformation from a vicar's daughter to a fashion influencer is resilient and unapologetically authentic and has already touched tens of thousands of women.

Self love revolution Thane started the post LuDivorce („one of the most painful days of my life”) where she embarked on an extraordinary journey to inspire and connect as many women as she could. In a newly purchased 30-foot neon leopard print bus nicknamed Susie, she traveled across America, driving 6,000 miles and stopping in 28 states. Along the way, Susie became LuHer home is also an event space where she hosts self-love, women's rights, self-indulgence and clothing exchanges.

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Now back in the UK with Susie, Self revolution The podcast explores what it means to live a healthy, fulfilling life—a blueprint for everything from the importance of pleasure to reclaiming your power and embracing your true self. For the art of setting boundaries.

Self love revolution It's both a podcast and a call to action LuA personal journey of self-discovery. with Lu Leading the charge that this revolution is unstoppable – she knows better than anyone that life is too short to settle for anything less than spectacular.

“When a woman shows up for herself, she shows it to everyone around her! And when a woman liberates herself, she liberates another. That is the revolutionary child.”
Lou Featherstone, editor Self love revolution

Listen to the trailer now Global player.

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