’Secret Invasion’: Don Cheadle and Kevin Feige on Roddy’s Big Reveal

If you’ve been watching the last few episodes of Marvel Studios Secret Invasion Thinking that something seems Off Regarding James „Roddy” „War Machine” Rhodes, you are not alone – you are not wrong. In episode 4, it is revealed that all is not as it seems, and it turns out that Rhodey is not Rhodey. Roddy is a scurril. Nick Fury knows that.

„It’s fun to fold it up and know what’s going on underneath all these roadie scenes,” explains Dan Cheadle. „Rhodes doesn’t look like him.”

In Secret Invasion, Rhodey takes on a new role as President Ritson’s trusted ambassador and adviser, in incredibly close quarters with the world leader. For Fury, it is too Up close, he notes to Talos, he knows a Skrull has infiltrated the US government deeply. Fury also overhears a conversation between Rhodey and his Skrull wife, Priscilla. This isn’t what Rhodey fans have come to know and love over the past decade in the MCU, and Fury knows it.

Appearing in Rhodey’s hotel room, Fury begins a dangerous game with Scurll. Fury insists that he knows Roddy isn’t who he seems, but the Skrull Roddy refuses to budge on. Fury must find another way to reveal the truth.

„It becomes a cat-and-mouse game between the two of them, about what he has on Fury and what information he’s going to release on Fury,” Cheadle continues. „Fury must play it the right way while trying to protect and save Earth.”

Now Fury has an even bigger problem on his hands, the Skrull keeping Roddy at bay.

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„We wanted to have a character that one wouldn’t expect to be a Skrull,” explains Marvel Studios president and executive producer Kevin Feige. „Dan was there for this reveal, playing another side of Roddy and revealing that, yes, Roddy is a Skrull.”

From the beginning, Sedil was game to embark on this new avenue. „When we have amazing actors like Dan who have been with us for years, we treat them as partners in creative collaboration,” continues Feige. „It was in the early days when we pitched the concept to Don, and he was really into it, and we were able to play with different sides of Roddy that we hadn’t seen before.”

But now that the revelation is open, there are bigger issues at hand, including for how long Roddy has been a Skrull?! Feige adds that that revelation will have to wait, as viewers „get to understand exactly how long he’s been a Skrull.” „We like the idea of ​​fans going back and seeing some of the other appearances of Roddy and realizing that’s not him.”

No backup. Just angry. Secret Invasion is now streaming on Disney+.

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