Sean Strickland: „It won't be competitive”

Driggs du Plessis will challenge Sean Strickland for the middleweight title at UFC 297 in January.

Both men will enter the bout on the back of impressive upset wins, Du Plessis defeating Robert Whittaker via TKO at UFC 290 and 'Tarson' defeating Israel Adesanya via decision at UFC 293.

'Stillknocks' and Strickland took part in last weekend's UFC 296 event. Daniel Cormier, who forms part of the pay-per-view's commentary team, has revealed the discussions he had with the South African team during the event.

According to Cormier, Driggs du Plessis' camp is optimistic ahead of his title fight against Sean Strickland. 'TC' shared details of his conversation with the middleweight contender's team during a recent YouTube video:

„I've talked to people close to du Plessis and they believe him getting by Sean Strickland is an afterthought. They believe he's so far ahead of Sean Strickland that it's not competitive. I don't know how you can. Look at that last fight. [against Adesanya] And feel it.”

Watch Daniel Cormier's comments below (6:05):


Anticipation for Sean Strickland's clash with Driggus du Plessis is at an all-time high following their in-crowd fight at UFC 296. Fortunately, neither Man nor anyone else was injured during the fight, and their title fight will go ahead as planned.

Driggs du Plessis reflects on his fight with Sean Strickland at UFC 296

With UFC 296 being the final event of the promotion's 2023 calendar, the 2024 season press conference was held last week Friday. The event featured main event fighters from UFC 297, UFC 298 and UFC 299, the first three pay-per-view events next year.

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Sean Strickland and Tricus du Plessis stole the show somewhat, as 'Stillknocks' brought up Strickland's childhood trauma of punching an opponent, which made 'Tarzan' more angry than fans had seen before.

The next day, at UFC 296, the pair sat two rows from each other. Due to the existing tension, a small exchange between them led to an all-out brawl in the crowd.

ESPN MMA interviewed Tricus du Plessis after the incident, where he said:

„It's not a good example, but here we are. Things didn't happen, nobody got hurt. It's all good. I don't worry about him being provoked. He goes and says whatever he wants… now there is. One thing is a gentle nudge for him, now. We're not allowed to say that?”

Check out Tricus du Plessis' comments below:


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