„Climbing taught me to be brave, to know that fear is okay”

Why Evgenia Kazbekova clashed with her parents

Kaspekova’s progress was rapid, and it wasn’t long before she was competing on international youth teams.

This experience, combined with the expert guidance of his parents, saw him crowned Ukrainian senior national champion at the age of 16.

“At that age it didn’t feel strange to compete with adults. It felt like something I had to do rather than a conscious choice,” she continued.

Teenagers usually clash with their parents sometimes, and the Dnipro native is no different. Despite his obvious talent and impressive resume, being coached by his mother and father was a roller-coaster ride.

„It’s very complex and has many layers,” she said with a smile.

“As a teenager, you don’t know how to direct your feelings, your emotions, or how to discipline yourself. As a teenager I took it as their parents telling me they weren’t good enough when they criticized me or told me I needed to do better. So I struggled throughout.

„It was fine till I was 14, but then I took a step back and asked them not to train me for a while. I came back to them around 20, when we were already able to build our relationship as equal adults. Only then, as a teenager Instead of trying to prove something to them, I was able to take all their lessons and their experiences with me.

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