Scottish comedian Sir Billy Connolly has released four new drawings for sale UK News

The much-loved comedian, 80, has been an aspiring artist since 2012. His new artworks are titled Pontius Tries Pilates, An Armed Jester, Nightmare and Drunk Donkey.

Thu 10 Aug 2023 11:49, UK

Sir Billy Connolly has released four new artworks for sale.

Most popular Scottish The comedian, 80, has been an aspiring artist since 2012 and has published new drawings through Castle Fine Art Gallery.

Published pieces from his Born on a Rainy Day art series sell for £1,250 each – although they can be bought as a set for £4,500 framed or £3,300 unframed.

The pieces are titled Pontius Tries Pilates, One Armed Juggler, Nightmare and Trunk Tank.

„The Big Yin” said he always wanted to give Pontius Pilates a „keep-fit ​​name” and got the idea when his wife joined a Pilates gym.

Pontius tries Pilates

He added: “I said it would be funny to call it Pontius Pilates and I thought people would be offended so I poked around and I got Pontius Tries Pilates.

„He’s a guy who tries in the gym, tries as hard as he can. I don’t understand the whole gymnasium culture, but he’s good.”

In his one-armed juggernaut diagram, Sir Billy He said: „He’s an example of how most people in my line of work do things that don’t matter. They do the things they do, thinking they’ll do you good – and that’s what I’ve spent my life doing.”

He added: „You see guys in their 60s running around in the evening and you think: 'Get a chair. Get a chair and a bottle of beer and turn on the telly; who are you kidding?’

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„But all my guys are doing it, they’re trying to be a part of wherever 'it’ is.”

The Nightmare piece is inspired by Sir Billy’s own nightmares, which he says he can’t really remember when he wakes up.

He said: „But I was famous for shouting and singing and laughing at night; my daughter saw me; I don’t remember it.

„I was directing a play in my sleep. I was talking to the actors, and then I would become the actors and sing the songs.”

His drunken ass piece hearkens back to his earlier days living in Scotland.

He owns two donkeys, which he says he „let roam where they graze.”

The comedian compares the animals to dogs and calls them „cute” and „friendly”.

He added: „They latch on to you, they’ve got a real bond with humans. Donkeys are funny animals but it’s a loving funny one.

„Our donkeys would escape from the garden wall, run to the village, and the villagers would bring them back.

„Donkeys always act drunk. He’s a friendly-looking guy, I think he’s had a few drinks because he’s got a beer belly. And he’s got drunk legs.”

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Sir Billy first started painting while on tour Canada.

He said: “I had never drawn in my life until now, but I started to draw and draw different islands.

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“I asked my wife if they were okay and she said 'absolutely’.

„My manager sent them to the gallery and now I’m making pictures and they look good to me.

„The fact that other people love them and want to live with them in their homes blows me sideways.

„To get someone who wants a piece of your mind in their life – I thought my wife was the only one who fell for it, but it turns out she’s not alone.”

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