'Made friends as consultant, now 'vibration' leader: Internet splits over LinkedIn profile with 'perfect descriptions'

A LinkedIn user has drawn attention for the witty job descriptions he used to explain his role in each of his job descriptions. X (formerly known as Twitter) user Vipin Baburajan shared a screenshot of Mahesh Sudhar's LinkedIn profile. The screenshot shows how Sudar used punch lines to describe his achievements or lessons learned in each job.

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As a product marketing manager, Suther wrote, „I learned how to market,” according to the viral post. As a counselor, he said, he „made friends.” Next, under the profile of head of talent acquisition, Sudhar learned „how to recruit.”

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He then learned how to “manage recruiters” as associate directors and “manage managers” as a company director.

Finally, Sudhar „stopped learning more” as a senior director. Finally, when he reached the position of India's head of recruitment, he described his role as nothing short of „vibrant”.

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Vipin Baburajan shared a screenshot of Sudhar's LinkedIn profile and captioned his post, „LinkedIn experience profile done right.” Sudar responded to his post saying, „Comment for great access 👍🏻.”

Many social media users commented on Baburajan's post on X. One said, „Quantitative data like how many friends made should be specified.” Another noted, „There are no correct explanations of who said it.”

In the past too, Vipin Baburajan has shared many such hilarious LinkedIn profile descriptions which eventually went viral.

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Earlier, another LinkedIn profile took the internet by storm when a man proudly branded himself as an 'Investor' in the work experience section. There is also a viral case where a woman listed 'homemaker' in her work experience.

In another news, Bengaluru-based Shika Gupta's job profile went viral for listing her honest professional experience at a company on LinkedIn. In one of the experiences Gupta shared, “I made a mistake. He gave one year to confirm it. Moved.” Shika Gupta's LinkedIn page was also shared by Vipin Baburajan.

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