Movie influencer Megan 'Justup’ Cruz has moved on from Tik Tok fame

When Megan Cruise downloaded TikTok in March 2020, she didn’t think much of it. „The first video I uploaded was like, 'That’ll be great! I can get 10,000 followers!’

550,000 followers and nearly four years later, Cruise (known to his followers as JStoobs), has become one of the most prominent voices in the online film community — and he’s starting to dream much bigger.

While he went to school for animation, Cruise floated the idea of ​​working in the entertainment industry instead of the food industry before running social media for a major restaurant chain. Now that she’s able to focus full-time on content creation and facilitating conversations in media, Cruz is embarking on a new Internet„Broad Perspective.”

„When I was doing research, I noticed that there were a lot of podcasts about film with great women’s voices, but I really wanted to see something that I didn’t want to see: people talking about everything. The media, especially the ways that women can be inspired and talked about,” says Cruise. Variety.

“Not just women, but marginalized groups. People who don’t always feel the need to represent themselves in the media. As I developed a presence in this space, I spoke more and I thought it was the most meaningful and wonderful thing I could do in my life. We recap the story.

Brad Everett Young for PAL Public Relations

The first episode of the podcast will air on Dec. When it drops on 6, fans can expect Cruise to join the special guests. „They’ll definitely hear some familiar voices — some I’ve collaborated with in the past and some in the content creation space. We’re also going to have some amazing and talented women from the film industry: actors, writers, directors. I hope it’s a little something for everyone,” she says. .

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„Podcasting has become very mainstream in the last few years,” Cruz continues. „It’s become a de facto form of global entertainment. Our current presence on social media and the Internet has made people want a more authentic and intimate form of entertainment. I think podcasting is a way for people to connect with like-minded people or challenge their way of thinking. Everything is increasingly isolated and clinical. In the physical and sensory world, it is the most personal and intimate form of entertainment or education.

That effort to connect the masses through art has also translated into Cruise’s new partnership with Landmark Theaters, in which he will host a Filmmaker Focus series of screenings of works by famous directors. „Since I moved to L.A., I’ve been really into archival screenings. It’s really changed my perspective on the theater experience,” says Cruise.

“When I started watching old movies that I really loved or had never seen in theaters before, it was like a whole new world. Landmark and I started talking months ago about doing something together because they have a mix of new movies and blockbusters, but they also regularly do archival screenings.

For their first project in the partnership (which will continue until 2024), Cruise is looking forward to this year’s „Poor” series debuts for their Yorgos Lanthimos series.

“We are thrilled to be working with Megan Cruise, aka JStoobs, whose passion for cinema and insightful commentary align seamlessly with Landmark Theater’s commitment to providing exceptional moviegoing experiences. This partnership reflects our commitment to engaging with diverse audiences and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of filmmaking,” Mark Mulcahy, president of brand/marketing, Landmark Theaters, said in a statement.

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Cruz did not take these opportunities for granted. “Five years ago, if you had asked me, I would never have thought that I could be the person you know doing things like this. It’s like Liam Neeson: I use the unique skills I have,” he says with a laugh.

“I feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s amazing to see these kinds of partnerships, and the podcast is truly a passion project. It doesn’t even feel like a big word. I really enjoy facilitating these conversations and sharing them with people. I feel so lucky and amazed that this moment is happening. I am grateful.”

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