Scientists have discovered seismic ripples in an ancient spiral galaxy

BRI 1335-0417 is the oldest known spiral galaxy in the Universe, having formed about 12 billion years ago.

Image of a spiral galaxy. – NASA

Unique structural properties such as the rapid star formation and seismic ripples of an ancient spiral galaxy provide important new insights into the early stages of galaxy formation.

Researchers can learn more about the formation and ancestry of our own Milky Way galaxy from a recently discovered image of an old, distant galaxy. SciTech Daily.

BRI 1335-0417 is the oldest and most distant known spiral galaxy in the Universe, formed 12 billion years ago.

A state-of-the-art telescope called ALMA was able to study this old galaxy in more detail, noted lead author Dr. Takafumi Tsugui.

„In particular, we were interested in how gas moves within the galaxy,” said Dr Sugui.

„Gas is a key ingredient for star formation and can give us important clues about how a galaxy actually drives its star formation.”

In this event, scientists were able to record the movement of gas around BRI 1335-0417, as well as detect the formation of a seismic wave, which is unprecedented for early galaxies of this type.

A galaxy's disk is a flat mass of swirling gas, dust, and stars that moves like ripples in a pond when a stone is thrown.

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