Russell Crowe Says He’s 'A Little Uncomfortable’ With Gladiator 2

Russell Crowe shares his thoughts It’s Ridley Scott Gladiator As a result, he admitted that he was „a little embarrassed” that it was being made.

In recent times Interview with Kyle Merediththe Oscar-winning actor said, „I’m a little embarrassed that they’re making another one — because, of course, I’m dead, and I have no idea what to do. But a couple of things I’ve heard are, 'No, no, no, in that particular character’s moral journey. It was like, 'No,’ but it’s not my place. So let’s see what it is.”

Grove played the Roman general Maximus in the 2000s Gladiator. The film, directed by Scott, follows his character as he sets out to seek revenge against the corrupt emperor who murdered his family and sent him into slavery.

„I look back: the age I was when I made that film and everything that came after, the doors of that particular film opened for me,” Disgusting The actor continued. „It’s me being completely honest: there’s definitely a tinge of depression, a tinge of jealousy. I remember when I had tendonitis.

In the sequel, Paul Mezcal plays the lead role of an adult Lucius, the young nephew of the Roman emperor Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix in the original film. He said Esquire Last year the film was „definitely the biggest film I’ve ever done.”

„I feel really excited, but it’s hard to stray a little bit from the tradition of the film,” explained Mezcal. „It’s very well written and I think it pays homage to the original, but it’s very much something that I think I can step in and comfortably make my own.”

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When asked if he had spoken to Crowe regarding the original GladiatorThe Ordinary people The star replied, „I don’t know what we’ll talk about. I’d love to hear his stories from the shoot, but the role is completely separate.

Gladiator 2Also starring Pedro Pascal, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn and Connie Nielsen, it hits theaters on November 22.

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