The key to X-Men’s future lies in the ashes of Jean Grey’s past in new 'Jean Grey’ solo series

FLL OF X, a new era of X-Men that marks the possible end of Krakow as we know it, is fast approaching! Over the past few weeks, fans have learned about some exciting new series set to usher in this dark new age of mutants, but one has been shrouded in mystery… until now! This August, X-Men visionary Louis Simonson, known for his franchise-defining work on the classic runs of X-FACTOR and NEW MUTANTS, is back with a new one. Jean Grey A separate series!

The fall of X will officially begin in July’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1, where epic tragedy will strike and the future of mutants will be thrown into uncertainty. Throughout this turbulent time, Jean Grey, the heart of the X-Men, holds the key to saving mutants, but first she must make a solo journey back to the darkest periods of their history.

Joined by artist Bernard Chang (Children of the Atom), Simonson will reveal shattering new insights behind key moments in Jean’s past, including her early days with the X-Men, her breathtaking first contact with the Phoenix Force, and her shocking confrontations with Madeleine. Pryor et al. Each episode will be filled with heartbreaking secrets and pulse-pounding mysteries as Jean discovers the truth about what’s going on and what she must do… The X-Men’s only hope for salvation comes from the ashes of Jean’s past!

After the events of Hellfire Gala, Jean’s life is in turmoil. Mutantkind is in dire straits – and there’s nothing this founding X-Man can do. She must save herself first. Looking back at her past – the moment it all went wrong – in a desperate bid to save her and Krakow’s future!

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„I loved writing The X-Factor, and Jean was such an important part of those stories, from escaping the nest created by the Phoenix to her life-and-death battle with the Goblin Queen in 'Inferno.’ So it’s exciting to explore Jean’s role in this new mega-adventure,” shared Simonson. took

Regarding Jean’s importance in the X-Men mythos, Simonson said, „Jean has always been an important character, with many major storylines hanging in the balance. She is constantly affected by events outside of herself and struggles to control things within her control. Her life experiences make her more cautious and impulsive than when she was younger. Made less and less determined. Her telepathic powers let her know the best and worst of those around her, but she is also kind and empathetic with a strong moral core. She is courageous and constantly asks herself: Did I do the right thing?”

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