Red alert on Málaga beaches, potential landfall and jellyfish encroachment

Implementation of Red alert Due to the significant heat, the entrance land and potential existence Jellyfish Marked this Wednesday, July 12, 2023 on Malaga Beach.

The suffocating heat these days has caused the State Meteorological Center to activate a red alert today in the center of Malaga province, as it may exceed 42 degrees in various places. Costa del Sol And this Valley of Guadalajara.

In addition, attendance Scary land Especially on this day due to westerly winds, thermometers will rise above 40º, with orange and red warnings across the province.

A potential entry must be added to this adverse situation Jellyfish On the coast of Malaga, races with a special event Rhizostoma ladiumAlthough its risk is low, according to application Infomedusa.

As part of its summer information campaign, the mobile app points out that the bite of this species is less frequent compared to other small creatures that release a type of transparent mucus full of sting cells that can travel through water.

Infomedusa „If this slime touches the delicate and highly sensitive parts of the body, such as the thighs or genitals, it can cause heat and discomfort and slight itching when leaving the water. We were in touch”.

How to Avoid Jellyfish Stings

  • Wear protective clothing. When swimming or diving in areas where jellyfish may sting, wear a wetsuit or protective clothing. Dive shops sell form-fitting tracksuits or full-body suits made from fine, high-tech fabrics. Be sure to wear safe footwear as wading in shallow water can cause stings.
  • Learn about the conditions. Before swimming or diving in coastal waters, especially areas where jellyfish abound, talk to lifeguards, local residents, or local health officials.
  • Avoid the water during jellyfish season. Avoid entering the water in areas where there are large numbers of jellyfish.
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