Premier League Darts Live: Michael Smith wins last 16 to set up Luke Littler semi-final in play-offs

’I have nothing after quarters’Posted at May 23:02 16

Night 16 winner Michael Smith, speaking to Sky Sports: „It feels good. Coming into the semis I thought I had nothing. I lost 6-0.

„But Luke Littler tried to do a brilliant finish on the bull in the semi-final and that annoyed me and I moved on from there.”

When qualifying for the play-off round: „I knew what I was doing! I think after three weeks I was at 10 points, and if I got another 10 points in the next three or four, I’d be OK, but it didn’t happen that way.

„I sat back on my win, but I’ve improved a lot over the last two weeks. I cried more after the quarter-finals then I did when I won the worlds.”

On beating good friend Nathan Aspinall: “I wanted to celebrate and run after I won, but I couldn’t because it was Nathan.

„I did a little bit after 132, but it was worth it! I’m glad if anyone is going to knock him out because he should be with me in the last four.”

After reaching the top four, focus again on: „I think the pictures are the wrong way. Luke Littler should have been third because he can win the league and then I was fourth.

„After those games I felt like the night was over.”

In the play-offs: „Next week is all that matters. Luke [Humphries] And [Luke] Littler wouldn’t think about tonight.

“We’re hanging on to their coattails and hoping we can get the odd win.

„The focus starts on Tuesday. I have to go back to 2020, when I was really enjoying my tarts.”

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