How 16-year-old Hesley Rivera made the 2024 US Olympic gymnastics team

On top of Biles and Lee, the Tokyo team was the silver medalist Jordan Chiles and Olympic floor exercise champion Jade Carey Be by her side.

„They’ve already gone through it,” he said.

„They’ve been through the journey, they’ve been through the pressure. I think they’ve been able to guide me and help me a lot throughout the process, not just during the competition.

„The list is amazing,” he added.

Biles, the most decorated gymnast of all time, spoke to the media about Rivera following the announcement and said, “She can’t even drive!

„Should we teach her how to drive before she comes to Paris? Like, jeez. She’s so young, she’s so beautiful, she’s so smart, she’s beautiful. We are very proud of her for making this team and we are very excited to show her the ropes At least she doesn’t have to do it alone, she has four former players.

Rivera quickly climbed to the top

For Rivera, it was another birthday party at the age of five that would change his life forever.

She was celebrating a friend’s birthday at her local gymnastics gym when staff approached her parents and suggested she try out for the team. As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Today (11 years later), she trains at WOGA Gymnastics and is coached by Valery and Anna Liukin, parents and former coaches of the 2008 Olympic all-around champion. Nastia Liukin.

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