Technology: Old cell phones: Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and more

More than one person gets nostalgic when they see these phones that represent the childhood of many.

The Technology has evolved a lot Cell phones over time They too have changed drastically. Earlier there were many brands and phones They were called panelitasNothing happens to them if they fall to the ground.

What were cell phones like before?

Another point in their favor is the battery Lasted a very long time, but this is due to the lack of WhatsApp or sites to browse the web. Also, there was only one game that everyone liked, and some people called it ’Ladder’, 'Serpent’ or Serpent’.

For many people, these old cell phones are great because they have an eternal life. Over time they evolved and ceased to be those 'panelitas’, and some of them were covered.

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I mean, we had to raise it to answer calls, Enjoy playing. Not even this time Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, But infrared. It’s a black bar and you can transfer files through it, but without being too heavy. After this, they became very popular because of the many games they played. Additions and designs.

On the other hand, only a few can listen to the melodies, But not the music. Therefore, it is very funny to choose the tone of these devices, because even if it sounds, they will start dancing. Also, it’s not possible Take really good photos. For this, they used digital cameras Savings are not that much Yes, the best moments can be saved.

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Best old cell phones

For those who don’t remember, there were many brands of old cell phones that experimented with unique models over time. In The Mega Let’s give the best The top of those unique phones It has been marked before and after in the lives of many young and old.

Sony Ericsson


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