Power Soccer NT won 5-0 against Australia in their World Cup opener

Set piece specialist Pete Winslow had three assists, all on set pieces, and Heer collected an assist on Dickey’s final goal.

In the 34th minute, she denied a clear chance from Australia’s Rebecca Evans and combined with goalkeeper Nathan Meyer to help ensure the USA kept a clean sheet.

Next: The team’s second match of the day comes as the USA faces France in a rematch of the 2017 FIPFA World Cup Finals on Sunday, October 15 at 7pm ET (Monday, October 16 at 10am AEDT). 10 pm ET Sunday in the US and 1 pm AEDT against Northern Ireland. Both matches will be telecast live @FIPFAPowerChairWorldCup2023 on YouTube.

See: USA 5, Australia 0 | October 15, 2023

Goal Scoring Rundown:

USA – Zach Dickey, 4Th min – The USA found their first goal after Australian goalkeeper Tristum Peters came out to take a free kick in midfield, Zach Dickey intercepting the ball and firing a long shot into the empty net. US Power Soccer National Team. AUS 0, USA 1

USA – Riley Johnson (Pete Winslow), 9Th min – After Australia was whistled for a two-on-one, the USA grabbed its first three set piece goals. Pete Winslow played a short spin kick to Riley Johnson for his try Football players Defender and right post America to take the lead by two goals. AUS 0, USA 2

USA – Jordan Dickey (Pete Winslow), 15Th min – USA executed another great set piece for the third goal. Pete Winslow’s spin kick on the right before the free kick found Jordan Dickey in the area to give the USA a three-goal lead. AUS 0, USA 3

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USA – Lexi Heer (Pete Winslow), 32n.d min – After USA’s defensive end Pete Winslow won a free kick, he sped down the right side for a long drive toward Lexie Heer. AUS 0, USA 4

USA – Zach Dickey (Lexi Heer), 36Th min – After Lexi Heer controlled the ball on the right end line, she cleverly sent a pass to Dickey, who slotted home her second of the match at the near post. AUS 0, USA 5 Final.

Additional Notes:

  • The US Power Soccer National Team moves to 18-2-2 in the FIPFA World Cup and 29-2-2 in 33 matches all-time.
  • The United States took its 16th placeTh A shutout in 22 World Cup matches and 24 clean sheets in 33 international matches.
  • Substitute striker Pete Winslow collected three assists, all coming on set pieces.
  • Starting winger Zach Dickey scored two goals in his senior international debut for the US Power Soccer National Team.
  • Substitute winger Lexi Heer had a goal and an assist in her first Powerchair Soccer World Cup appearance since appearing in the 2014 Copa America.
  • Co-captains Jordan Dickey and Riley Johnson added the other two goals of the game.
  • The U.S. also improved to 3-0-0 against Australia in official matches and 6-0-0 against host nations.
  • This will be the first meeting between the USA and Australia in Power Soccer since the two matches played at the 2014 Copa America in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After defeating Australia 4–1 in the group stage, the USA won the tournament 6–0 in the final.
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-US Power Soccer National Team Tournament Report-

Match: USA Power Soccer National Team vs Australia
Date: October 14, 2023 (October 15, 2023 locally)
Competition: 2023 FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup
Location: Quasicenter; Sydney, Australia
Attendance: 1,191
Kickoff: Saturday, Oct. 14 at 10 p.m. ET (Sunday, Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. local time)

Mark Summary: 1 2 F
Off 0 0 0
America 3 2 5

USA – Zach Dickey 4Th min
USA – Riley Johnson 9
USA – Jordan Dickey (Pete Winslow) 15
USA – Lexi Heer (Pete Winslow) 32
USA – Zach Dickey (Lexi Heer) 36

USA: 2-Nathan Meyer; 3-Jordan Dickey (Captain), 10-Riley Johnson, 11-Zach Dickey
Subs: 5-Lexi Heer, 8-Peyton Sefik, 9-Pete Winslow
Did not play: 4-Natalie Russo-Dickey
Head Coach: Tracy Meyer

Outside: 2-Tristam Peters; 5-Dimitri Leolio-Davies (captain), 6-Joshua Mercas, 7-Abdullah Karim
Subs: 3-Rebecca Evans, 8-Christopher Suffield, 10-Christopher Turnbull, 23-Luke David
Head Coach: Peter Turnbull

Summary of statistics: AUS / USA
Shots: 14/3
Saves: 0/4
Corner kicks: 4/0

Misconduct Summary:

Referee: Leonardo Freiga (ARG)
Assistant Referee 1: Noordin Sabovic (AUT)
Assistant Referee 2: Caroline Bean (ENG)
4th Official: Mike Walston (FIN)

About Powerchair Soccer

The US Power Soccer National Team consists of male and female athletes with disabilities such as quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. The game is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court, where players attack, defend, and spin-kick a 13-inch soccer ball in a game as skillful and challenging as major soccer.

Power Soccer was the first competitive team sport developed for power wheelchair users and has been played internationally since 2006. The 2023 FIPFA PowerSoccer World Cup marks the first world championship event for the US PowerSoccer National Team under the auspices of US Soccer. As part of US Soccer’s effort to develop programming for soccer in all formats, the team officially became part of the expanded National Teams program in 2022.

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For more information about the sport or to inquire about athletic eligibility, please contact US Soccer’s Extended National Teams Department by email [email protected].

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