France's Alexis Jandard falls on diving board during Olympic opening ceremony

Divers know that a small slip-up can spell disaster upon hitting the springboard or platform.

Alexis Jandart found that out the hard way this week when she slipped off her springboard during the opening ceremony of the Paris Aquatic Centre.

The Paris Aquatic Center is one of the venues being used for the Olympic Games later this summer.

Luckily, French President Emmanuel Macron was in attendance, leaving Jondard unscathed and a little embarrassed in the fall.

Jandard A couple of bounces can be seen He fell into the pool, before slipping on the 3-metre springboard and hitting his lower back.

He said he was bleeding from the fall but would continue training.

„I fell before the president, I fell before the whole of France,” Jandart said On Instagram. „I've broken boards before, but a board has never broken me. Now it has. I wish the festival had been better from start to finish. There was that little hiccup. If it makes people laugh a little bit, great.”

He won a silver medal at the 2022 World Championships in the team event and a bronze in the men's synchronized 3m springboard at the 2023 World Championships, and he competed for France at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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