Innovation, technology and entrepreneurship projects, potential collaboration between Valladolid and Malaga

Valladolid, 5 Apr. (Europe Press) –

The Mayor of Valladolid, Jesus Julio Carnero, visited Málaga this Friday, where he held a meeting with his counterpart, Francisco de la Torre, along with Fernando Rubio, Manager of the Innovation and Economic Development Agency, President and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid, respectively, Victor Karamanzana and Javier LaBarca and several representatives from UVA.

The Valladolid delegation visited Málaga City Hall, the city's Chamber of Commerce and the 'National Digital Content Pole', where „major technological projects” are managed.

At that meeting, according to sources from the City Council of Valladolid in a Europa Press report, joint lines of cooperation were shared, „especially in innovation, technology and entrepreneurial projects that will help create more added value, better tools and, ultimately, more wealth for the business fabric of Valladolid.”

In addition, Carnero, along with the rest of the trip, visited the Andalusian city's 'Digital Pole', which includes the 'National Digital Content Pole', defined as „a reference ecosystem around video games, virtual reality and audiovisual production”. It consists of workspaces, common areas, classrooms and laboratories from which incubation and acceleration programs for projects, as well as training, are carried out.

As city council sources explained, it is a public-private joint venture in which the city council and the Málaga Chamber of Commerce work together with other companies such as Telefónica and its 42 trusts.

Likewise, they were able to check the facilities of the Hi-Tech Incubator in the 'Metaverse' and Internet environment, a pioneer in Europe, created with the aim of „hosting, promoting and connecting leading startups”. -Ups in research and development of high-tech solutions in the Web 3 and Metaverse environment.

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Artificial intelligence also has a place where the Malaga tobacco industry is a former leader in this technology.

Later in the day, the mayor and the rest of the Valladolid delegation were welcomed at the Málaga Chamber of Commerce by its president, José Carlos Escribano Carizabal, who held a meeting to share experiences and good practices in the area. Innovation and technology.

The University of Valladolid and its Center for Artificial Intelligence are considered „essential areas for the transfer of knowledge from this institution to companies”.

In this sense, the Valladolid City Council, through its Innovation Agency, and the UVA have already entered into an agreement to support its AI Center, which will soon be signed between the two institutions.

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