PM Modi Addresses G20 Development Ministers Meeting

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi On Monday, he pointed out that development in the Global South is a key issue, as countries in the Global South have been hit hard by the disruptions created by the global Covid pandemic, while geo-political tensions have caused food, fuel and fertilizer crises.

In such a situation, the decisions you take are important for the entire humanity, the Prime Minister said. Modi stressed that it is the collective responsibility of the people to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are not pushed back. He also said that the world side should send a strong message to the countries of the world about the necessary action plan to achieve this.

addressing G20 Development Ministerial Meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi today welcomed the delegation to Varanasi through a video message. Highlighting the importance of Khasi, the Prime Minister said it has been a center of knowledge, discussion, debate, culture and spirituality for centuries, while the essence of India’s diverse heritage also unites the people of all regions. Country. Modi expressed happiness that the G20 development agenda has also reached Kashi.

The Prime Minister underlined that our efforts must be comprehensive, inclusive, fair and sustainable, and efforts must be made to increase investment to meet the SDGs and address the credit risks faced by many countries. The Prime Minister noted that multilateral financial institutions should be reformed to widen eligibility criteria to ensure access to funds for those in need. Prime Minister said that in India, efforts have been made to improve the lives of people in more than hundred interested districts which were underdeveloped areas. As he urged the G20 Development Ministers to examine this model of development, he underlined that these interest districts have now emerged as catalysts for the country’s growth. „This may be relevant as you work to accelerate Agenda 2030,” he added.

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Addressing the issue of growing data divide, the Prime Minister said high-quality data is critical for meaningful policy-making, efficient resource allocation and effective public service delivery. Democratization of technology is an important tool to help bridge the data divide, he said. In India, digitization has brought a revolutionary change where technology is used as a tool to empower people, make data accessible and ensure inclusion. Underlining that India is ready to share its experience with partner countries, the Prime Minister hoped that the discussions would result in concrete steps to improve data for dialogue, development and distribution in developing countries.

„In India, we have great respect for rivers, trees, mountains and all elements of nature,” said the Prime Minister, who shed light on traditional Indian thinking that promotes a planet-friendly lifestyle. Recalling the launch of Mission Life last year, along with the UN Secretary General, the Prime Minister expressed happiness that the group was working to develop a set of high-level principles. „This will be a significant contribution to climate action,” he said.

Underlining the importance of gender equality and women’s empowerment in achieving the SDGs, the Prime Minister noted that India is not limited to women’s empowerment but also extends to women-led development. Modi underlined that women set the agenda for development and are agents of growth and change. She urged everyone to follow the game-changing action plan for women-led development.

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