Penetron Crystallization Technology

Concrete is mainly characterized by its strength, however, it is also subject to various factors that affect its useful life and durability. It is considered a universal product in the construction market.

Currently, it is possible to find various techniques and technologies aimed at improving the life of this material. Proof of this PenetronA crystallization technology that many capillary waterproofing products are designed to help improve the performance and general performance of concrete.

In the Canary Islands, Clanicanarias Stands out as one of the main distributors of this technology, from distribution and marketing of products, to distribution of information and business propositions.

How does Penetron crystallization technology work?

Today, the innovative Penetron system is considered a comprehensive solution to reduce waterproofing problems and their effects on construction. Because it offers self-healing capabilities and improves waterproofing, it also contributes to reducing carbon emissions, making it an optimal and environmentally friendly solution.

Developed and developed for over 50 years, Penetron has increasingly established itself as a solid, effective and efficient alternative to the industry. Chemicals produced with this technology are characterized by penetrating the cracks and capillary extensions of concrete through osmosis, Brownian motion and dry particle reactions. This allows its active ingredients to form insoluble crystals that help seal existing cracks, pores and voids.

The sealing of these gaps prevents the passage of water molecules through the concrete without the need to block air currents, which supports the breathability of the material and prevents the accumulation of vapor pressure. Another notable feature of the Penetron system is that its components remain inactive in the absence of moisture; However, sealing is automatically activated if this problem occurs in concrete.

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Why use the Penetron system?

There are many benefits recorded so far from the crystallization technology marketed by ClauniCanarias. One of the highlights is the non-toxic material approved according to NSF 61, EU and EPA. Likewise, its penetration up to one meter deep allows it to seal cracks up to 500 microns wide.

Its activation continues in the event of moisture, allowing it to remain an integral part of the concrete, becoming a permanent solution that also contributes to saving money on repairs. At the same time, Penetron products are characterized by reducing permeability, improving the strength of concrete, and therefore its durability. Furthermore, it is a versatile technology that can be applied to both new concrete and existing coatings.

Finally, products developed with Penetron technology are sold exclusively through networks of trained distributors such as ClauniCanarias, ensuring personalized and specialized advice to provide solutions based on the needs of each customer.

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