Opening of Academic Cycle in Faculty of Technology

Thursday, February 15, 2024


At the Plaza de la Reforma of the National University of Catamarca, a welcome ceremony took place for students who will begin studying their preferred courses in the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences.
At the same time, in the same academic department, the leveling course was started. The modules taken and taken depend on the degree chosen. They are mandatory and must first be registered before the race.
The equivalency course consists of teaching modules and is compulsory for first-time university entrants. These include mathematics, university learning strategies and mentoring exercises for undergraduate degrees in engineering, technology and geography.
In the case of university technologists in software design and architecture, activities are carried out according to their profiles.
The leveling course is part of the activities to disseminate, guide and assist the entrants and provide them with adequate information regarding the profession and the job opportunities it offers.
Through this, an attempt is made to achieve the required level of atmosphere at the university level of the candidates. For more information, see

Orientation exercises
Orientation tutorials are another service offered by the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences. There is a counseling function before they enter the university. Tutors are there to help, support and accompany students during their university career.
Its objectives are to provide information to entrants to protect their career choice; Strengthen the knowledge and learning strategies students have developed at the pre-university level and introduce them to new skills.

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