'One Love' sets streaming date for Paramount+

'Bob Marley: One Love' is coming soon to Paramount+.

The biopic will be released on Streamer in the US and Canada this coming Friday, April 12. International availability of the film will be announced later.

'Bob Marley: One Love' exceeded expectations at the box office when it opened midweek in February for Valentine's Day. It had an opening weekend of $28.6 million and has so far surpassed $175 million at the worldwide box office.

Kingsley Ben-Adir plays the reggae singer and songwriter, and Lashana Lynch plays his wife, Rita Marley. Also starring record producer James Norton, Chris Blackwell, Dossin Cole keyboardist Tyrone Downey, Aston Barrett Jr. as Aston „Family Man” Barrett, Anthony Welsh as Dan Taylor, Sevana, Judy Mowatt, Hector Lewis Carlton as Carly Barrett, Michael. Gandolfini as Howard Bloom, Nadine Marshall as Cedella Malcolm, Umi Myers as Cindy Breakspear, Naomi Cowan as Marcia Griffiths, Jeff Crossley as Clement „Coxson” Dad.

Variety Chief film critic Owen Kleiberman wrote, „Often, 'One Love' feels like a low-key, neurotic take on a typical biopic — the hero lost in his identity crisis, overwhelmed by fame — stretched to length. The film tells you a lot about Bob Marley, but what about his journey? It never finds out. Lynch's Rita is the film's most fundamental character; her devotion to Marley and her understanding of his pain move her along. But aside from a scene where Marley violently attacks her manager for trying to cash in on an African tour, the Marley we see is close to a hermit. Key to the new biopic mode The feature is a more complex exposition of totemic figures.'One Love' flirts with complexity but veers into the banality of hero worship.

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