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John Stewart He returned to „The Daily Show” Monday night for the first time since 2015 with a simple question: „Where was I now?”

The Emmy Award-winning host of „The Daily Show” has gone back a quarter-century through the 2024 presidential election and how conservatives have reacted to the highly publicized relationship. between Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce. But first, Stewart addressed his decision to return to Comedy Central for „The Daily Show,” which he will host weekly Mondays through November.

“Why did I come back? You may be asking yourself, this is a very fair question. I have committed a lot of crimes since I understood that talk show hosts are granted immunity. It doesn't make a lot of sense, but take it to the founders,” joked Stewart. He then alluded to his previous gig as host of the Apple TV+ show „The Problem with Jon Stewart”, which was canceled after reportedly creative differences between Stewart and the streaming platform. (Stewart said of his Apple TV+ show Interview This week with CBS, “I wanted a place for us to unload our thoughts during this election season. I thought I was going to do it – they call it Apple TV+. It is a television complex, very small. It's like living in Malibu. But they decided … they felt they didn't want me to say things that would get me in trouble.

„We've got a lot to talk about this year. Obviously with the elections maybe we'll talk about China, we'll talk about AI, and something a little lighter — Israel and Palestine. Who knows,” joked Stewart.

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From there, Stewart turned his sights to the headlines of the day — specifically the 2024 Super Bowl, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. This year's NFL champion was watched by more than 123.4 million viewers, making it the second most-watched televised event of all time behind the Super Bowl and the moon landing.

„It's really, unfortunately a lose-lose for real America. The Kansas City Chiefs are world champions, i.e. Travis and Taylor, a decades-long conspiracy to brainwash America into getting routine vaccinations is over,” joked Stewart, a future NFL Hall of Fame tight end and Grammy Award winner. „But it's really a no-win category for conservatives. If the Chief Minister loses, who wins? Kay Pelosi-Stan People's Communist Republic. It's the right's absurd obsession with politicizing almost every aspect of American life that ruins everything.

Transition to elections, where the President Joe Biden The Republican front-runner and former president will meet Donald Trump For the 2020 rematch, Stewart focused on the age of the candidates (Biden is 81, Trump is 77).

“We have two candidates that are more chronological than anyone in the history of this country who has run for president in this country. These are old people who are contesting the presidential elections after only four years The record they set At last they ran,” Stewart said in disbelief. „They were objectively old. They are at an age where they cannot hit any age-related milestones. They got an AARP card. They have social security. Got their movie discounts. Not, 'Oh, wait until you hit 88, you can drink and drive.' No. All they're left with is a 'Today' show smucker's shout. I think we've got a new name for our election coverage. Resolution 2024: Ancient Roadshow.”

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Stewart then used her advancing age as a punchline about the candidates. “We are not suggesting that man is also vibrant, productive or efficient. They both stretch the limits of what the world's hardest work can handle. What insanity is thinking that we are the ones voicing concerns and criticisms. It's the candidates' job to assuage concerns, not the voters' job to not address them,” Stewart said before calling the camera to focus on his aging face. „Look, I'm not trying to be cruel. I don't want to do this on my first day. Look at me. Look at what time has done. I'm 20 years younger than these mothers. Look at this. They love it.”

Stewart will host „The Daily Show” on Mondays between now and November. Each of the other episodes will be accepted by the show's correspondents. Since then no permanent host has been named Trevor Noah He announced his retirement in 2022.

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