A new version of 'The Sound of Music’ soundtrack will be released along with all the music from the film

„The Sound of Music” Super Deluxe Edition will be released in December.

Nearly 60 years after the release of „The Sound of Music,” fans can now hear all of the music from the film’s soundtrack and 40 previously unreleased songs.

A super-deluxe edition of „The Sound of Music” soundtrack will be released in December in various expanded formats, Kraft Recordings announced Wednesday, and will „feature every musical element from the film for the first time, along with instrumentals for every song. , plus 11 never-before-heard replacement cast members,” in a statement. Press release.

Along with popular songs from the film — „Maria,” „Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” „My Favorite Things,” „Do-Re-Me” and „So Long, Farewell” — „The Sound’s Super Deluxe Edition” soundtrack features a „new There will be unreleased tracks such as Reign”, „The Gazebo” and „Nocturne – Captain and Maria”.

The four-CD and one Blu-ray audio box set will also include in-depth liner notes by writer and film historian Mike Matesino, an associate of the late „Sound of Music” director and producer Robert Wise, who remixed it. and remastered the album from the original multi-track tapes.

„You’ll hear what you’ve heard before, the famous songs leading the way with the dulcet tones of Dame Julie Andrews, but the experience is altered from what the 1965 soundtrack album offered — with stretches of songs, brilliantly orchestrated underscoring, and even some parts that weren’t used in the final version of the film,” Mattesino writes.

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Ahead of the release of the Super Deluxe Edition of the soundtrack, a previously unreleased alternate version of the film’s opening song „Prelude/The Sound of Music” featuring Julie Andrews and the cast is now available to stream.

„The Sound of Music” Super Deluxe Edition will be released on December 1.

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