'Deadpool & Wolverine' No Prior Knowledge of MCU Required: Shawn Levy

With so many movies and TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's a daunting proposition for a newcomer to even think about getting caught up in the various characters and storylines.

But the upcoming film is directed by Shawn Levy Deadpool & WolverineHe says he doesn't need „homework” to enjoy his film.

“I was a good student in school. I do homework as an adult. But I definitely don't want to do homework when I go to the movies,” Levy said Associated Press.

He said his goal was to make existing fans happy, but also to make a film that everyone could enjoy.

„I certainly made this film with a healthy respect and gratitude for these characters and the rabid fan base that is supremely fluent in the mythology and lore of this world,” he said. „But I don't want to second-guess it. This movie is made for entertainment, and any compulsion should be prepared with prior research.

The film sees Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, and Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, reunite on the big screen for the first time since 2009. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (This is a reunion of the cast and Levy, previously directed by Reynolds in 2021. free boy and Jackman in 2011 Real steel.)

Since then, Jackman's character (warning: 7-year-old spoiler alert!) died in 2017. Logan. But everyone behind Deadpool & Wolverine They claim that the new film will not conflict with MCU canon or character continuity.

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„It's a very interesting duo,” Levy told the AP. „They're so different individually that they're set up for a big clash with each other. But that makes for a really interesting story, because the two great manipulator stories, whatever it is. Midnight run Or 48 hours Or Airplanes, trains and automobiles, Yes, it is full of conflicts. But it's ultimately about something more, and that's what the audience will see.

Levy acknowledged the level of secrecy — including speculation — and unconfirmed rumors — about a Taylor Swift cameo, but kept details of the film close to the vest.

„Rumours about this movie are huge,” Levy said, but fans should be entertained: „The movie is built for the audience's enjoyment,” he said, „and I think (they're) having a lot of fun. The ride.”

Deadpool & Wolverine Hits theaters July 26.

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