No one can hold a candle to them

It’s been 364 days since Nugenes injected new energy into the K-pop scene. The then-newly released Rookies instantly captured the imagination with a refreshing approach to what a girl group could sound like, taking elements of ’90s R&B, popping it with modern production and wrapping it in a Y2K aesthetic. There was nothing anyone else was doing at the time, and it was very clever.

Although the sounds the five-piece employ have become more common in K-pop over the past year, New Jeans are still leading the pack – and with only one short album, last year’s 'New Jeans’ and single 'OMG’, they quickly became contenders on the international stage. A day before their one-year anniversary, they returned to further cement their position The Watch the group and focus on them fully aware. „Newjeans / So new, so clean” They perform on 'New Jeans’, the opening track from their sophomore mini album 'Get Up’. It feels like a subtle mission statement — a vow to carve their own path.

Since its inception, Newjeans has offered an addictive combination – fresh and cool, yet sophisticated and balanced; The noise of youth, but avoiding the chaotic whirlwind of teenage life, merges and is delivered in favor of absolute control. On 'Get Up’, the six songs often feel like they’re a conversation – with the listener, but also with them.

Over Jersey club rhythms and breakbeats, 'Super Shy’ shares the story of crushing on a new guy and overcoming fear to protect their affection. In some places, this beat reflects the tense feelings of approaching infatuation, while Herrin laments: “I’m usually very talkative, what’s wrong with me? / I don’t like it. It’s a motivational anthem for introverts and an instant contender for song of the summer.

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’ETA’, however, seems to approach this blossoming relationship from another perspective, warning the girls off the song before they get hurt: „I saw before but when you were not / I sprinkled his gaze everywhere.” Exciting, slashing brass adds energy but also urgency to the track, and Nugenes builds a backing band to tackle this player. “Hmmm / What’s your ETA, what’s your ETA,” They chant. „I’ll be right now, missing that boy in her arms.”

After that the narrative of the project within the empowerment topics is easy, but instead it goes down a more complex path. There’s plenty of dramatic realism in these songs that, even if it’s whispered, the UK garage-driven 'Cool With You’ avoids what the rest of the world says about their partner („You can come back / I don’t care what other people say”) the dreamy interlude 'Get Up’ is a fragile, rich fight. „Get up, I don’t want to fight your shadow” They are silent. „See you at five if I’m important to you / I’ll do as you say.”

As 'Quick’ ends, the Newjeans seem to be in a gentle rush of their head-in-the-clouds of love. „Thinking I’m done talking I knock on the red / Remember something so I ring again” They sigh happily, portraying the modern version of talking on a landline, twirling the cord around your fingers as you whisper. Regardless of which interpretation you go with, the five pieces are a beautiful result „Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick” Avoid brain-scratching addiction between fluffy pillows of pop beauty.

As the early years go, Newjeans was nothing short of a dream even before 'Get Up’. Now, with six more flawless songs and even more songwriting credits for Herrin and Daniel, they wrap up their first 12 months and launch into the next round in divine style. Thanks to this mini-album, all eyes will continue to be on them, and we couldn’t be more excited to see where they go next.

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  • Release Date: July 21, 2023
  • Record label: ADOR / Moves

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