’Itaewon Class’ Remake 'Fired Up’ Casts Taiwanese Cast

Taiwanese production companies DaMou Entertainment and KOKO Entertainment have unveiled a star-studded local cast for „Fired Up,” the Taiwanese remake of their hit Korean series „Itaewon Class.”

At an event held at the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF) on Thursday, the two companies confirmed plans for a second season of the 2019 drama series “The World Between Us,” which premiered on Taiwan’s public television service and regional streamer CatchPlay.

„Fired Up” stars Mandarin-language pop star Eric Chow, Golden Horse Film Award nominee Angela Yuen, Sha Yu-wei, Huang Kuan-ji, Cosmos Lin, Ben Wu and Sean Lin in the lead roles. The show is co-directed by Gao Bin-chuan and Cheng Ying-ting, working from a script directed by Hsien Li-ying (“Wave Makers”).

„Idavon Glass” is a story about an ex-convict who sets up his own business after being released from prison. His efforts, not always successful, drag friends and family along. It was originally a Korean-language webtoon and was later adapted into a TV series in 2020, airing domestically on JTBC and streaming worldwide on Netflix.

The Taiwanese TV production includes Korea’s Kako webtoon and will be presented as an HBO Asia original. Production starts next month.

The contemporary socio-political series „The World Between Us” follows the events of a mass shooting at a movie theater. It played on Taiwan PBS, Catchplay and HBO Asia.

Written and produced by Lu Shi-Yuan, the second season stars Golden Bell-winning actor Vic Chow as a widowed psychiatrist, Simon Hsueh as a legislator, and Nikki Hsieh, Yang Gui Mei and Sarah Yu.

It is described as „a complex and detailed narrative spanning three distinct time periods, touching on subjects of public health, law, politics and mental illness”. It has 18 main characters, 30 supporting characters and more than 100 speaking parts.

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