Nico Unveils Third World Cruise in Vasco da Gama – Cruise Industry News

Nico Cruises will offer a third world cruise aboard the Vasco da Gama, the company announced in a press release.

Now available for booking, the 175-day global cruise is part of the company’s new 2025-26 program and departs Hamburg from November 7, 2025.

The itinerary was presented to journalists during a digital press conference on June 25, Nico Cruz said.

„Traveling around the world with our Vasco da Gama means exploring places away from the main tourist areas. Hidden treasures and unforgettable experiences are once again planned for our third world tour, this time starting and ending with the specialty of Germany’s Travel City,” said Nico’s Managing Director Guido Lacamp.

“My personal highlight of our third world tour was Komodo Island. Encountering monitor lizards there in the wild is unique and magical in a special way,” he added.

With scheduled voyages to 91 ports in 42 countries, crossing the Atlantic, Caribbean, Central America, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

On the way back to Hamburg, the ship also visits destinations in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

According to Nico, the itinerary is highlighted by its departure port in Germany, a first for the company.

Sailing on the 1,270-guest ship also includes visits to lesser-known destinations, including San Andres Island in Colombia and São Vicente in Cape Verde.

Transits through both the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal are part of the trip, which can be divided into five different segments.

For a shorter trip, Nicko also offers guests the opportunity to travel on a 148-day segment sailing from Hamburg to Bali, Indonesia.

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Pre- and post-cruise packages are available for all cruises outside Europe, the company added.

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