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WhatsApp and artificial intelligence are stealing all the eyeballs this week. We tell you what new features are coming to your devices.

Google Chrome and Four Functions: Apps for Mobile Devices

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the world’s favorite web browser. And to top it off, changes are systematically made to improve the user experience: now, four new functions have been added to the interface to make it easier to search for information. The first of them is related to recommendations: when you open a website, recommendations for similar sites appear in the address bar. That is, if you are reading a page about traveling to Chile, websites related to that topic will appear in the bar. The second innovation is related to trends: from the same search bar, Android users can see the most searched topics by default. „Tap to search” functionality has also been improved, allowing users to search for words or phrases from websites they visit; Now, this feature lets you find related searches with a carousel. The latest update is related to search suggestions: Chrome will now give you 10 relevant suggestions when web users start typing in the address bar.

YouTube adds more AI: The company announced tools

An annual event called Made on YouTube was held recently, where the company informed creators about artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools to make the platform easier to operate. The biggest innovations – coming from the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024 – are the most interesting: one of them, the so-called „dream screen”, which will allow users to create videos and photos made with AI, can Add to their videos. But not only that; AI tools will suggest potential themes and projects for creators (based on platform trends) and music recommendations. Simultaneously, the option to dub videos in other languages ​​will be launched.

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Whatsapp on iPad: The messaging app is coming to Apple tablets soon

This was rumored for a long time, but recently the company has confirmed it. The interface, ready for Apple tablets, has already appeared on the Whatsapp beta channel. Users of the developer program can now test it; This functionality is similar to the traditional version of the iPhone. It is expected to be available to all users soon.

WhatsApp channels: means of dissemination, already in 150 countries

Now – as is happening on Instagram – WhatsApp users can subscribe or join broadcast channels. This is a feature that allows you to receive updates from creators; Famous people can share text messages, images or videos with their followers through one-way chat. Innovation Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg created his own channel; In Argentina, WhatsApp announced the activation of the channels of Julie Savioli, Saborestleconurbano, Puli Cocina, Libertadores and Maria Becerra. Later any user is expected to be able to create their own space. At this time, a specific tab has been created for channels, which is gradually being added to different Android and iOS devices.

DALL-E 3 is coming: the latest AI update, now available

OpenAI recently announced the arrival of DALL-E 3. It is a new version of its image model created by artificial intelligence. The interesting thing about the update is that the app can now integrate with GPT chat; In addition, you can now render images with higher quality and more complex descriptions than ever before.

Copilot comes to Windows, Microsoft’s virtual assistant to simplify your user experience

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Starting September 26, Windows 11 will be available to all users. And this new version of the widely used operating system will include CoPilot, an artificial intelligence assistant. The proposal is to change the way users use their devices – they report; There are nearly 150 new functions that use AI. In Paint, for example, users can easily work with layers by removing the background; In Clipchamp Video Editor you can get suggestions for edits, scenes and narration. You can use AI to make videos faster. And the news continues: Notepad (which automatically saves written information and retrieves tabs) and Outlook allow you to connect and integrate accounts from different companies (such as Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud).

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