The national government will meet with Tigo-UNE to discuss its financial crisis

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The supervisors of industry and trade and companies and the mayor of Medellin will participate in the meeting between the government and Tico.

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Due to the financial crisis of one of the country’s most important institutions, the national government called Tigo-UNE on September 11 at 4:00 pm with the intention of finding a solution to help overcome this situation.

ICT Minister, Mauricio LiscanoThe environment currently provided by the system, which has nearly 15 million users, is delicate, which is why Tico has until October to present a study guaranteeing the use of its services.

The meeting will be attended by the Supervisors of Industry and Trade and Companies, the Mayor of Medellin, Daniel Quintero Calle, and Jorge Andrés Carrillo, Manager of the Public Companies (EPM) of Medellin, while the government has invited Millicom and the CEO. President of TIGO.

According to the information provided by Semana magazine, this panorama arises due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the situation in the sector affecting all telecommunication operators, Diko-UNE said.

„Most companies in this sector recorded negative balances in Colombia in 2022. „Tiko is not new to this reality,” the company explained in a statement sent to the aforementioned media.

For his part, Mayor Daniel Quintero expressed his concern about what the company is experiencing, as its services are important to Colombian homes and Medellin’s transportation systems, such as the Metro.

„Medellin Metro works with Deco technology, Medellin cameras with Deco technology, if there’s a problem with the delivery service, it’s not just Medellin that will be affected, many cities will be affected,” Quintero said.

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Likewise, for this reason they seek joint work with the President of the Republic, which will lead to all services being guaranteed and none of them suspended, the President said.

Tigo UNE case: Negotiation schedule between EPM and Millicom with support from MinTic

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