New technology speeds up the process of digitizing records

Photo/ Milenis Oliva Ferals

A state-of-the-art portable scanner recently introduced at the headquarters of the Directorate of Justice of this eastern province will speed up the process of digitization of documents issued by the Civil Registry, starting from the current calendar. and notary.

As a result of the joint agreement established with the Cuban Ministry of Justice, modern equipment provided by administrative management teams from Spain – has a high scanning capacity that can reach up to 300 sheets in seven minutes, which will increase, significantly, the digitization process that began earlier in this field.

Sandro Pérez Romero, deputy provincial director of justice in Granma, told this newspaper that the aim was to scan up to eight volumes in eight hours of work; „In other words, it will cover the recording of 40 volumes in practically five days,” he noted.

Likewise, he indicated that in this first phase, the territory's civil registration documents will be digitized, and later the process will be extended to property registration, notary and other services.

Through this, the work in these institutions has been humanized, the quality of benefits has increased and there is a process of requesting marriage, death, birth and other certificates that are in high demand among the population, the manager said. Streamlined.

He also added that by moving this information to the Ministry of Justice's online system, other provinces that need to search for certificates owned by Granma will also benefit.

The portable scanner, located in the Granma territory, is the second in operation in the country as part of a collaboration between Spain's governing bodies, which includes the gradual entry of other computer equipment and accessories.

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