New Omnibus Collects Godzilla’s Original Marvel Comic Series

In 1977, Godzilla became one of Marvel Comics’ biggest stars, headlining a successful stand-alone series set at the heart of the Marvel Universe!

Now, thanks to an exciting new collaboration with Toho International, the US-based subsidiary of the Japanese studio that brought the worldwide hit Godzilla to life, these monumental Godzilla escapades with your favorite Marvel heroes will be collected next year. Godzilla: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus!

Marvel’s take on Japan’s biggest export represents an incredible creative collaboration between two comic book pioneers: Doug Monch, known for his solid run of Master of Kung Fu and his co-creation of Moon Knight, and Herb Trimp, the Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. In October 2024, fans can immerse themselves in all 24 issues of this fondly remembered chapter of Godzilla’s legacy, each proudly remastered and presented in color for the first time, in this long-awaited omnibus collection!

Godzilla rises from the depths of America – and the Marvel Universe! Watch the towering whip of Tokyo parade across America and battle some of the best and brightest from the House of Ideas, including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the Champions, Nick Fury and mechanized monster fighter Red Ronin!

Godzilla heads west, travels back in time to battle the Devil Dinosaur, and hosts one of Spider-Man’s most unwanted guest-shots ever—but when Godzilla shrinks to a smaller size, the fearsome titan proves he can still be a little more terrifying! Plus: Aliens, mutants, mad scientists, and epic kaiju clash with Godzilla’s fellow towering titans—including Patragon and Yetrigar!

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Recently, Toho marked 69 years of Godzilla’s history with Godzilla Day, a monster-sized celebration filled with exciting announcements, including news of new releases. Godzilla minus one The film opens in US theaters next month. Now, Marvel Comics proudly honors the King of the Monsters and revisits its own unique connection to this legendary franchise with the release of this upcoming omnibus.

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