In August 2024, take part in a delightful Turkish Perseids party on top of a dormant volcano

After participating in the successful Perseids meteor shower event and related adventures in Turkey last August, Astronomy’s travel partner Eclipse Traveler offers another great adventure in Turkey in August 2024.

Eclipse Traveler welcomes everyone and anyone to take an immersive journey to some of Turkey’s most popular destinations. During seven eventful days, participants will have the opportunity to explore the natural, historical and modern wonders of Kayseri, Cappadocia and Istanbul.

From August 9, 2024, for the first two days, we will be in historic Istanbul to visit several globally and locally famous structures such as the Hagia Sophia (Basilica of St. Sophia) Mosque and its museum; Topkapi Palace, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire; and many others. Millions travel from all over the world to walk through Istanbul’s historical treasures – and we’ll be approaching the Perseid’s Starfall Festival (as the locals call it) on the 12th.Th.

Following Istanbul, on the third day an Eclipse Traveler representative will pick us up at Kayseri Airport. The group will then travel to the archaeological site of Kuldeep Ganesh. It is situated on fertile land and converging roads, which inevitably become a center of trade and politics by the end of the 3rd year.rd Nine thousand BC

August 13Th Begin with an educational morning with the Kayseri Archaeological Museum, which covers a timeline from the Chalcolithic (Copper) Age to the Roman and Ottoman periods. After a hearty lunch, travelers will visit the Museum of Seljuk Civilization to learn about the Anatolian Seljuk Civilization. A quick break will then be taken at the hotel and the rest of the night will be dedicated to watching the Perseid meteor shower.

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13th eveningTh It’s so mesmerizing that it satisfies a lifelong dream you never knew you had! The Perseid Starfall Festival is located at an altitude of 2,650 meters (8,700 ft) on one of the peaks of Mount Erceus, a dormant volcano. Get ready to witness the greatest visual feasts the sky has to offer this time of the year.

Thousands of locals and visitors gather for Kayseri’s most loved annual event. Last year, we could feel the buzz from electricity in the air as each meteor streaked across the velvety dark sky, unpolluted by distant city lights.

An understandably lazy morning will be followed by a scenic drive to Cappadocia, where passengers will stay for the rest of the trip – August 14Th Up to 16Th. It includes a mesmerizing and breathtaking tour of ancient buildings above and below ground. Seeing the natural and man-made architectural marvels creates a transcendental feeling.

Nighttime in Cappadocia gets even more exciting when travelers head to a remote spot in the valley — beyond the city lights — for two more chances to feast on the Perseid meteors. Passengers will see a dark, starry (and meteor-y) sky with fairy chimneys in the foreground while surrounded by other curious minds. You’ll never want to leave!

It gives me great joy to know that others will be well taken care of by Eclipse Traveler and experience Turkey in such a life-changing way, creating lasting memories. A detailed itinerary of the trip can be found at Eclipse Travelers Website.

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