Netflix to launch its own ad tech platform

Netflix wants to reinforce that Advertising business Also announced It plans to launch its own ad tech platform by the end of 2025Advertisers can gain new ways to deliver their services and measure the impact of their campaigns.

The technology company organized the second presentation of its event this Wednesday Forward He suggested that advertisers, including Netflix, could offer their services.Reach the most engaged audience in the world«, which has now reached 270 million subscribers.

Netflix has a plan to show ads and it was implemented in 2022. In Spain, it’s available for 5.49 euros a month, and in addition to embedding ads during playback, it removes some of the most watched titles from its catalog. They support two devices with full HD quality.

This is A fixed subscription model with ads now registers 40 million monthly active users worldwideAs explained by Amy Reinhard, head of advertising at Netflix, compared to five million registered a year ago, more than 40% of users in countries with an advertising program have subscribed to precisely this method, which introduces both ads. In the beginning and in the background of series and movies.

With all this, it has announced the launch of the aforementioned in-house advertising technology platform that will arrive at the end of 2025, and which will be offered to advertisers «New ways to buy, new knowledge and ways to measure impact» Their campaigns. In this way, Netflix can create specific and personalized advertising experiences, it has clarified. TechCrunch.

«Bringing our ad technology in-house will allow us to run an ad program with the same level of excellence that makes Netflix a leader in streaming technology today.„, announced the Board.

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Reinhardt also stressed that this innovation was a „later arrival”.I amIn-depth consumer research And Netflix is ​​designed to be even better for customers«. «Because we want our members to have the best experience possible, we’re incredibly strategic about how we serve ads.„, Reinhardt highlighted.

Likewise, this summer, Netflix will expand its shopping capabilities to include The Trade Desk, Google’s Display & Video 360 and MagNite.It will join Microsoft as a leading program partner for advertisers.

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