NATO begins investing €1 billion in defense technology based on artificial intelligence, space and robotics.

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has announced that it will invest in four European technology companies.


The Investment in European defense technology Intensification after NATO confirmed on Tuesday First investment in state-of-the-art technology As part of a €1 billion fund aimed at addressing current safety, security and resilience challenges.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization announced funding in 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. The NATO Innovation Fund connects government technology buyers with start-ups To develop security technologies.

The first companies to receive investment included a European and German company ARX ​​RoboticsIt designs unmanned robots and three UK start-ups.

London Manufacturing Company Computer chips Fractile has also secured funding, as have Bristol-based iComat and Welsh start-up Space Forge.

The fund has also invested Four venture capital funds focus on deep technology: Join Capital, Vsquared Ventures, OTB Ventures and Alpine Space Ventures. Unlike most venture capital funds that invest for 10 years, the NATO funds Will invest in 15 years.

NATO does too, he said Investments to develop deep technology centers Capital for early-stage startups in high-demand areas to promote alliance technology sovereignty.

“With these investments, the fund is starting to make a mark Our discovery is a concrete difference in ecosystems„, offers growth opportunities to the most promising dual-use and defense companies developing solutions to maintain the alliance’s technological advantage,” he said in a statement. David Van Wiel, Under Secretary for Innovation, Hybrids and Cyber

NATO’s main challenge in 2022, Van Wiel told 'Euronews Next’ Bridging the communication gap with innovatorsBecause the military never knew Latest security technologies And many inventors don’t know what the military needs.

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The other issue is that „security agencies and governments, in general, are not known to have fast acquisition processes,” he said.

Purpose of Fund Contribute to the advancement of innovation New materials and manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. NATO also said it would invest in the development of advanced technology centers In areas where capital is scarce for early-stage startups. Areas with high demand for capital for early-stage startups to promote alliances’ technological sovereignty.

He NATO Innovation Fund It is supported by 24 of the 32 member states of the alliance. USA, Canada and France They were the members who did not agree to support him.

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