Myspera technology contributes to the increase in surgeries at the Hospital Fraternidad-Mubreza Havana

Valencia (EP). In recent years, Spanish healthcare has begun to incorporate technology to improve the management of its resources and the control of actors and processes. This is the case of the pioneering Madrid hospital Fraternidad-Mubreza Habana, which thanks to Myspera technology, has improved its surgical performance since integrating the solution into its surgery, hospital and asset management module.

A system that allows you to automate, simplify and streamline the most complex processes of a healthcare system. In this way, the hospital manages to speed up the flow of patients in different departments, thanks to RTLS technology and Myspera Bluetooth bracelets. This makes it easier for healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on administrative or coordination tasks.

„More and more hospitals and healthcare centers are moving towards a new management model that incorporates technology and digitization to reduce their waiting times, improve the efficiency of their operating room areas and relieve their healthcare staff from administrative burdens,” he pointed out. , CEO of Myspera.

They point out that by providing real-time information to patients and families from the Madrid hospital, they were able to minimize disruption to staff in those areas. „For us, Myspera is a great partner, allowing us to know exactly how the operating room is going and anticipate emerging needs. Additionally, it improves the perceived quality of care for caregivers and/or family members, reducing anxiety by knowing where the patient is at all times,” he explains. . Charity AmadorDirector of Nursing at Muprespa-Havana Fraternidad Hospital.

In addition, it was possible to increase efficiency in the operating room and hospitalization areas, streamline patient flow, access real-time information on the occupancy of each area, and information on each patient's position and time within the procedure. Help.

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„Myspera has allowed us to organize operating room time more efficiently, significantly reducing downtime and improving utilization time. The programming now accurately adjusts to actual surgical times, which has also allowed us to reduce waiting time until surgery,” says the doctor. Alvaro MinusaHead of the Traumatology Service of the Fraternidad Muprespa-Habana Hospital.

According to the Digital Health Strategy, promoting the use of new technologies in the daily life of the health system is one of the axes of Digital Spain in 2025.

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