My Hive: Technology is revolutionizing provincial beekeeping

This program will allow small and large beekeepers to keep detailed records of various parameters of the hive. Improves operational efficiency and reduces costs in beekeeping.

Beekeeping production has a significant impact on local economies. Therefore, the sector is rated as Through this, more than one lakh people get employment directly and indirectly. In this context, the Silicon Missions Branch, R&D&I focused on problem solving and developed the project. My hive. This initiative aims to enable missionary producers to achieve greater accuracy while protecting their hives and extending their useful life.

This project is a team system for precision beekeeping through remote monitoring, behavior, activity and production. Additionally, it uses electronics for embedded systems with artificial intelligence and the design of components that hold cameras and sensors attached to hives.

N Hive, a multi-factor technology solution

Smart bees arise in response to identified challenges in the provincial beekeeping industry. One problem is that beekeepers have to visit often. This constant displacement incurs substantial economic costs. This creates stress for the bees as they are subjected to constant tests by the bees.

Additionally, bad weather is another factor that affects beekeepers because bees need a controlled climate inside the hive. This leads producers to measure the temperature of the combs, creating unnecessary stress for the bees.

To solve these challenges, Mi colmena has a device It allows small and large beekeepers to keep a detailed record of various parameters of a hive or several. Census data can be made visible on a website or mobile device. This leaves a constant travel.

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The program improves operational efficiency in beekeeping, reduces costs associated with frequent visits and provides beekeepers with real-time information on hive conditions. however, Implementing smart bees is a comprehensive solution that addresses more challenges and promotes sustainable development. of the Department Beekeeping in the province.

Major program for the region

In missions, beekeeping plays an important role in agricultural economy and biodiversity conservation. This region, characterized by its rich biological and climatic diversity, provides a favorable environment for the development of beekeeping. In addition, it stands out for its production of high quality honey and other bee products, which is recognized nationally and internationally.

In a national framework, Argentine beekeeping stands out for its climatic and geographical diversity, which allows the production of honey with unique profiles. However, the Lack of innovative technologies In some sectors this has led to practices that can benefit from combining more efficient solutions.

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