Mukesh Ambani predicts $40 trillion for the Indian economy

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Saturday expressed optimism about the Indian economy, saying it will become a $40 trillion economy by 2047 from the current $3.5 trillion.

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Ltd (file photo)

Ambani said India, the world’s third-largest energy consumer, is set to double its energy demand by the end of this decade.

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„To fuel this growth, the country will need enormous energy – clean, green energy that will not choke Mother Nature for human progress,” he said at the graduation ceremony of Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) in Gujarat. Gandhinagar. „In fact, India’s energy demand will double by the end of this decade.”

Ambani said that in the next 25 years, India will witness unprecedented economic growth and this is a major reason for making the vision of a clean, green and sustainable tomorrow a reality.

„As India races to build a robust energy infrastructure to meet its energy goals, it faces three critical questions: One: How can we ensure that every citizen and every economic activity in India has access to adequate, very affordable energy? Two: How can it? And the rapid shift to green energy? Three: How could it jeopardize the expanding needs of a fast-growing economy from a turbulent external environment? , according to PTI.

Ambani, the country’s richest man, added that the energy transition has become the most important factor in ensuring that India becomes a global leader in green, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Expressing confidence in India developing smart and sustainable solutions to face this trilemma, he said this is possible because of the commitment of highly talented young minds to combat the climate crisis.

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„They will not only design breakthrough energy solutions to create a strong and self-reliant India, but also a safer and healthier planet,” he said. He also urged the students to be fearless and never lose faith in their own skills and abilities.

„Courage is a ship that sails through the storm. You will make mistakes. But don’t worry or let it stop you. The one who succeeds in life is the one who corrects his mistakes and continues his work with courage.” he said.

And he added: „I am what I am in life because of India, because of Bharat. Wherever your life takes you, contribute your best to the greatness and glory of India. Know that you are truly blessed to be young in today’s India. So much so that the 21st century is indeed going to be India’s century.” India is moving forward today with confidence.”

(Inputs from PTI)

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