MUI needs fatwa to support Palestine’s independence: VP

JAKARTA (Antara) – Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) fatwa regarding the ban on products and companies that support Israel is necessary to support Palestinian independence and prevent Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip, Vice President Maruf Amin believes.

„I think the fatwa is necessary to support Palestinian independence and stop Israel’s occupation of Gaza,” he said Thursday while working in Bandung, West Java.

On November 10, the MUI issued a fatwa declaring it haram to buy goods from companies that support the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

This fatwa is a form of commitment to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for freedom and resistance to Israeli occupation and efforts to destroy humanity.

Vice President Amin said Israel’s occupation of Gaza was considered genocide or mass murder. Therefore, efforts by all parties in their respective capacities are needed to stop Israel’s barbarism, including the issuance of a haram fatwa by the MUI.

„Besides providing aid, the MUI can also issue a fatwa. After that, the government or related parties can explain the companies that support Israel because the MUI brand is not outlined,” he noted.

According to Amin, some parties should align themselves with institutions supporting the Israeli occupation of Gaza to take the next step in the future.

„If this action is not taken, the problem will harm many parties. Therefore, some parties need to decide which companies support Israel and which companies do not support Israel,” he explained.

Earlier, MUI Secretary General Amirsya Tambunan had said on Wednesday (Nov 15) that MUI is not responsible for explaining the fate of Israeli-linked products, which are currently falling in procurement.

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„What is the fate of Israel-affiliated products in Indonesia? It is not MUI’s job to explain,” he stressed.

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Translated by: Ranga Pandu AJ, Resinda Sulistyanthari
Author: Rahmat Nasushan
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